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Luigi Pau Law Firm offers legal advice and assistance on Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Public and Private Procurement, Intellectual Property Law, Chinese Trade Law

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Law Firms of the year 2023

Luigi Pau Law Firm was on the list of the best law firms of the year 2023, research carried out for Il Sole 24 Ore by Statista.

Among the best studies in the macro regions: Southern Italy
Among the best studies in the macro sector: M&A e Restructuring

Source: Il Sole 24 ORE
The Luigi Pau Law Firm is mentioned in the article: Anche i piccoli si specializzano dialogo in rete con i clienti 

Luigi Pau Law Firm
Civil lawyer, specialized in business contracts.

Strength, loyalty, freedom, openness, respect of the Law, observance of the ethics, are the Heart of our Firm; professionalism, efficiency and capability are the Arms that we put at the service of our clients.

Practice areas
Tesi Ancitel Master Contrattualistica Pubblica pubblicata
L'aggiudicazione definitiva ed il rapporto con l'aggiudicazione provvisoria. Le comunicazioni obbligatorie dopo il D.lgs 53/2010: destinatari, contenuto, forma. Lo stand-still period. La post-informazione.
The modern concept of Economic Law in China
The modern concept of Economics Law in China: an independent discipline of law?

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