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My Gran Father, Luigi Pau, was born in Collinas, a small town of 900 in habitants in the south of Sardinia, and leaved its town in 1910 to go to Pittsburgh (U.S.A.), looking for a work.
He has a dream: to come back rich in order to ask for Anselma’s hand in marriage, my Gran Mother, his love, who were part of one of the most rich families in town.
Luigi were a young farmer, he not knowing how to read, neither to write, but he has a strong perseverance and a great courage and self- sacrifice.
He lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years, working as a miner, in the meantime he was recruited for the First World War, granted an honorary title of Knighthood by the Monarch for service the country in the military capacity.
He came back to Italy fairly rich to buy lands and livestock, and above all to make his dream comes true: to get married with Anselma.
Heart and Arms were his weapons.
My name is Luigi, as well as my Gran Father, I have his name and his perseverance.
Success does not exist without day by day sacrifice.
Nothing is possible without a mission which drives you beyond the mountains, and there is not life without love.
My mission is offering to any client all the love that I feel for my job, the Advocacy.
Strength, loyalty, freedom, openness, respect of the Law, observance of the ethics, are the Heart of our Firm; professionalism, efficiency and capability are the Arms that we put at the service of our clients.

Luigi Pau Jr.

Comitato Nazionale Italiano della Camera di Commercio Internazionale
ICC’s Member (International Chamber of Commerce) since 2013

This is an international organization whose purpose is to promote the development of trade between companies belonging to different states and the liberalization of trade and investment. Users can be the most diverse, interested in the national and international entrepreneurial sector: companies, Chambers of Commerce, banks, public bodies and professional offices. For my study, the ICC constitutes a fundamental source of constant professional updating on all legal issues concerning trade and national and international investments. The ICC is known throughout the world especially for the International Court of Arbitration (composed of the best professionals worldwide), which may well be the most representative institution in the world for the resolution of disputes in banking, commercial and, in general, business law.

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